Getting to know you more...

There is a meme game that has been linking the blogosphere all round the world. Each blogger who accepts the invitation must reveal five things most people don’t know about them. Then they pass the ball over by tagging five other bloggers.

So let's play in class
Where? In your profile page.

How do you play?
Get inspired by reading others:
Jeff, who created the game.
D'Arcy who played with Alan.
A 2007 version of the same game.

Have you read the examples?
OK. So by now, you understand the rules of the game.
a) This is supposed to be entertaining. At least, make the reader smile.
b) You are allowed to break the rules, too and write more than 5 things.
c) You are not allowed to break rule a)

I've played too in my FCE Blog.

Now you probably understand the power of TAGs and LINKs on the web to create conversations. Let's say you are all tagged to play.