Acceptable Use

Basically you can add or edit anything you want.
Make yourself home! Do not be afraid of making mistakes, clicking on history you go back to a previous version.

There are some exceptions, though.

Some pages will be locked. This means that only the site administrator can make changes there.
Those pages are:
  • home
  • navigation bar
  • editorials tagged "about"

Everything else you can edit.

Some ethical considerations

-We do not change the words of anybody's homework assignments. Only the author will edit his assignments as much as they want. If you wish to make suggestions for grammar corrections, please do so in the discussion or at the end of the page. The same rule applies for the teacher.

-Add as much as you want, but please think twice before you erase what someone else has contributed. When in doubt, click discussion and propose your change to be considered by the community.

Who is the author then?

Good point.
Wikis are collaborative tools. The result is the star; not the author. That is in the nature of wikis.

However, we are using this wiki as a portfolio and assessment tool. We need to know who wrote what. There are two ways to do so:
a. As you need to be signed in to make a change, the wiki system will record a signature revealing who made changes.
b. When you edit a page, you will see a bar at the bottom to include optional tags (what's a tag?) there you will write your nick as a signature/tag. (If you forget to sign, no worries we still have a.)

Who decides on the rules of Acceptable Use?

Us. I mean you and I. We, us.
In this section you can write the points you would like us to think over. The more you use the wiki, the more ideas/questions you will have about how to improve it. Or make it easier for you to use.


When we get lost, we will resort to the Wikipedia, which is the most successful model of how things work best.