What is assessment for you?

Class discussion and note taking. We try to approach a definition.
1-A trace of what we have learnt

2-To reach a goal

1-It's at the end of a period. e.g. at the end of the school year.
It refers to the present, where we are situated now.

2-To reach a goal sounds like future time. A wish.

Assessment Connotations

What is the difference, if any, between evaluation and assessment?
from Lexipedia


These two sound like finding the mistake or simply saying what you think.


Making notes, making an explanation


Finding the mistakes. Marking, grading.


Preferred Assessment Style

What idea of assessment is good for you? Or the kind you prefer?
The class:
-Criticism and comment
-A highlighting of both positive and negative aspects

Assessment Purpose

What do we need to learn from assessing our written work here in the wiki?
We need to have a conversation where we spot what we have achieved and what still needs improvement in our learning process.

The Task

For this task, you will
1) Create a new page name it "self-assessment + username". Tag it in the same way.
2) Take a look at the descriptors for the assessment of writing at FCE level.
3) Make notes on your page. See the prompts below.

In your page you will note:
Mistakes you tend to make
-What kind are they? Grammar, spelling, punctuation, tenses, etc

Structures you tend repeat
Structures you never use

Are you consistent with register or do you tend to mix formal and informal language?

What are your strengths? Are you particularly good or comfortable in a writing format?
e.g. Are you good at writing letters or stories?

Wiki Assessment

In what ways has this wiki helped you to learn this year?

Are there suggestions you would like to make to improve it?