This wiki space is public and exposed on the World Wide Web.
We have some rules here
No real last names, only user names
No personal pictures, only avatars
When we publish things online, they stay there forever. Even if you delete them.
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Think Before You Post


Where does your image go? Can you control that? Think before you post.
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Take care of yourself and your classmates

-For the sake of privacy, every student participant in this space will have a nick. Generally it will be a first name plus the first letter of the surname. When addressing others within this site, please use their nicks.

-You may use your real name in a site of your own creation, such as a blog. There you will be completely responsible for the management of your online identity. It is polite to ask people permission to use their names or pictures before you post.


This wikispace uses cookies to track visitors for statistical purposes. You may manually erase cookies from your computer, however a new cookie will be installed when you come back.

All personal information provided by the Statcounter site (such as visitor's IP address) will be for my evaluation of your use of this wiki and will not be sold or shared. The sidebar will show the number of unique visits. The wiki administrator's IP address is excluded from the count.

Your Marks

This wiki will include comments on corrections and suggestions for improvement of your work. The marks awarded to each task will be given to students in class. Some stats over the overall progress students are making will be found in Portfolio Evaluation


Please add in the Discussion any questions or concerns regarding your privacy online.

-Can someone know my email?
If you go to Manage Space you will see the list of members. Clicking on any user of this space, you will be able to send a mail to a Corpus wiki member. Viewers of this site can email you, but they will not know your email address. The mail you receive will say it is from wikispaces.


External Links
-Learn more about Internet Privacy at the Wikipedia
-Understand how to take care of your privacy and protect your PC when surfing the net. Here is the Privacy and Security post in The FCE Blog
-Blogging Rules
-What is Cyberbullying?