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Let's introduce ourselves!

-Find your nick on the list below
-Click on it
-Start editing your personal page! (you must be signed in).
You can keep editing as long as the course lasts.

In future you can access your startpage directly
-Yes! Like this:
  • Add your nick to the URL (e.g.
  • Click enter
  • Done!

Read here to see required and optional info your page can include:
How do I create my startpage?

The following are the nicks of the FCE2007 class:

Pages are tagged profile. The names in bold are the ones who have started writing their pages.
(I'll use alphabetical order).
  1. analia
  2. ayelen
  3. danielg
  4. eugenia
  5. evelyn
  6. fernando
  7. gonzalo
  8. guillermo
  9. gustavo
  10. lucas
  11. marialaura
  12. mariarosa
  13. mauricio
  14. santiago
  15. santiagov
  16. vanesa
  17. veronica

These students have dropped our class due to timetable clashes.

Site Navigation

-Clicking on your nick above, you will see your startpage/homepage in this Corpus. It is waiting for you to edit it.

How can I find my homework?
-Every sample answer task you contribute will be placed on a page called: ID
-The task ID is always mentioned on the corresponding Class Projects page, FCE Course 2007

Summing up:

New Page

To do your homework, you
  • Go to the projects page, find your homework task
  • Follow the link to the rubrics (read carefully all the instructions)
  • Then click on New Page (top left of the sidebar)
  • A box pops up for you to name your page. There you write your nick and the task ID in small case no stress marks (the wiki writes the + sign on its own)
Example: analia sample1 (and not Analía)


  • go to the bottom of the page and tag it with the same words as in the example. You need to use commas.
Example: analia, sample1

That's it. There you have your page to post your homework!