Students' Blogs

This page lists all the blogs created by the Corpus participants (and guests!).

For your blog to be listed here, certain conditions must be met:
a) You must be a student with a minimum of FCE candidate level.
b) Your blog will be totally written in English.
c) There is no c) . Why don't you get blogging?

Creating a blog
Creating a blog is very easy and fast. Take a look at Blogger and start your own blog in three steps.
You can sign in with different e-mail providers. A Google account is recommended.

Need inspiration?
There are different kinds of student's blogs. Here are some examples.
Take a look at these blogs; they are all written by people with the same objective you have: learning a language.

Lola Learns English
Blog written by a Spanish CAE student. Notice that Lola posts some of her homework assignments. You will have to do that in this wiki too. Lola starts recording her experience of learning English from a linguistic point of view. Perhaps because she is a teacher of Spanish as well!

Skywalker Greece
Blog written by a Greek FCE student. This blogs focuses on the writers' favourite topics such as music and films. The student blogger clearly gives his opinion on the subjects he blogs about. Great use of visual support here.

Man of the Awa
Written by a native speaker of English who is fluent in Korean. Now living in Hong Kong and learning Cantonese, his blog focuses on intercultural aspects of learning a language. Lots of reflection about how languages are learnt!

This is just for you to browse a bit and does not mean you should imitate. A blog is a very personal thing. Yours will be unique. No doubt!

By the way, the blog owers would certainly appreciate a comment.

Here they are in a dynamic blogroll fashion -with the latest updated blog listing first.
Yours could be here too!