What is a Portfolio?

Our definition
A portfolio is a collection of documents that trace your learning paths towards a goal. Every writing task is a step towards building your communicative skills and linguistic skills in English.

What are the advantages of keeping a portfolio?

Basically by keeping all your production in one place you will be able to see how far you have progressed. It will be easier to identify what areas of your production are quite satisfactory and which ones need more working on.

Most of the times, we have impressions of what we need to learn (more speaking, vocabulary, grammar?). A portfolio is evidence than can be analysed to get a more objective conclusion about what you need. Then we can discuss what to do to improve your English.

Why do we keep it online?

Learning happens when we connect with other people. Somehow. Feedback from teacher and peers will help you to obtain a better picture of your real needs.

We need to expose our way of communicating to others and pay attention to what they understand or misunderstand when we speak or write. That is how we learn from experience.

We keep our potfolios online to make them accessible to the group anytime, anywhere. So that you and them can make the most of learning together even after classtime.

A far richer learning experience

Your learning here will happen in different ways:
  • Action: Sometimes you will learn from your own practice doing guided tasks.
  • Collaboration: This is when you leave a comment or feedback in the Discussion to your classmates.
  • Reflection: Many times you will want to consult how others have solved the tasks you find more difficult to improve. (Simply see examples from people who write better formal or informal compositions).
  • Creation: This can only happen when you decide to open new sections and propose individual or group tasks.

All of the above can only happen when you realise this wiki is yours and you can modify or create anything and everything. Including the rules of the game stated in our Acceptable Use.


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