The purpose of this proposal is to compare Choice Electrics (CE) and Burford Electronical Distributons (BED) as our possible distributor. So that, we will be able to recommend which one is the most appropiate one to expand our business to The Netherlands.

BED was established in 1953, so it is supposed it has gained a deeply knowledge of the business. On the other hand, CE is a new company which was established 7 years ago, so that it is probable CE manage the latest commercial strategies.

CE sells a wide variety of high quality components. Whereas, BED is well known for selling our competitors products, so that it is possible it would not be interested in buying our products.

BED owns a large experience sales force consisting of skilfull employees. Nevertheless, they may not share our young culture. While CE`s sales force not only is keen but also young.

CE is located in Venlo and has recently extended to Amsterdam, so it is possible to get better negotiations beacuse its relations with clients and suppliers are closer than BED ones, who has branches all over the The Netherlands. Anyway, BED may open us the market to the hole country
BED offers dailly deliveries but just by paying an extra cost for them. CE has increrased their sales by internet and offers free deliveries by courier express during the same selling day.

Acording to the points detailed above, I recommend to choose CE as our distributors in The Netherlands.
Our next steps shuld be:
-to contact CE manager to arrange a meeting.
-to prepare an interesting strategy in order to motivate CE to accept our business proposal.