Dear all,

As you already know our computer system became too slow the last days.
So that, the directors have decided to close it down next Wednesday from 10 to 12 in order to make some improvements.
I suggest do urgent matters on Tuesday.
Our system will be updated and faster after the improvement

Kind regards,

Carl Sam

I work for a Customs broker. I'm in charge of coordinating one of our clients' import shipments. So I have to deal with their foreign suppliers and forwarder agents in order to arrange picking up of goods, revise import documents, ask suppliers for technical information about goods, get from forwarder agents lower prices ((WO))for international freights, and then be able to arrange the best shipment option for the client.

I also have to prepare Customs delcaration of goods, but shipment coordination is the part of my job I like most, because I have a degree in International Relations, so I enjoy working in an international environment.

Would you like to continue working for the same organization? Are you planning any changes in your career?

I like my job, but I have to confess I wouldn't like to continue working for the same organisation. I'm actually trying not only to leave my job, but change my career completely...I would like to work as an air hostess.