Read our November 3rd post on our FCE Blog to understand how we will work with bookmarks.
What is a tag?
What is
How to get started?


We have a class account where you can send bookmarks or join the network. You will be creating your own accounts.
-Please choose a user name which does not reveal your identity (please remember our rules of privacy).
-When you go to the settings of your account, you can associate a blog or myspace or windows live pages you have. So we get to know you are connected with our learning.
-Your account is personal and you can use it to save any bookmarks you need for our class or for other lessons. Most of you are using the tag 'english' to signal that a bookmark is useful for our FCE class.

Sending bookmarks

In order to send bookmarks to another user, you need to save it in your account and tag it with 'for: username'
e.g. To send links to the course account tag them:
We will see them next time we log into the account at the lab.



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