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This is a Plog -production blog- where I record the steps in the implementation stage of this Corpus wiki.
These are just brief journal notes to help me - or you, fellow interested teachers- to visualise the wiki in the making: how sections are born, presented, adopted or rejected.

My ELT Notes blog is the place to read a more extensive analysis. To
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This space belongs to students. (I hope they take over here!). So if you have thoughts or you are integrating wikis to your classroom, please drop by and let me know. The educators' community participation will help me reflect as well as guide my learning path in this project.
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February 25th
Doing some wiki cleaning before the start of the year. Too much info on the start page. I'm trying to simplify that.


Plog Archives

  • Workig at the lab, I see some students are using word to cut and paste the writings they want to comment on:they write alternative sentences to post in the discussion aftterwords: Most of them are new to firefox: they forget they can open tabs and keep going back or refreshing older pages:


  • Institutional mid-term test. Almost perfect turnout.
  • One student dropped the course. Possibly the proximity of the test triggered off the decision.
  • Reflections on the need to share a Corpus posted in ELT Notes. Post: The EFL Course Wiki as a Writers Community.


  • Students visit the wiki during the holidays -according to statcounter. No editions are made.


  • Deadlines for assignments are not always met. Students still manage to comply.


  • Two additions: Answer Tips dictionary and RSS reader for Discussions page.
  • Clustr Map stats as from 4th May.
  • 2 new students. Some have dropped the course.
  • Class observation by Cambridge Courses Coordinator. Positive reviews in her report of our work at the computer lab.
  • Students found some editing problems. They still cut&paste their samples here. Format is sometimes altered in the process. A few postings on the wrong page. Missing the right box for tagging pages. But we are learning from our mistakes!
  • Students simply forget about tagging their pages. There is a need to create an "online reader awareness". Tag, tags, tagged!
  • Wikispaces video tutorials added.
  • Homepage edit. Added buttons.
  • FCE Blog post to announce the wiki to the community of students, teachers and edubloggers.


  • Membership invites are being sent. Students are invited to explore the Sandbox and their profile pages on their own.
  • First task and comments on sample1 uploaded.
  • 24 April- First class at the lab. Students explored blog and wiki. We decided to create a CLASS BACK UP page.


  • Students give two thumbs up to the class blog and the welcome letter.
  • I am informally talking about this wiki in every other class. Wide open eyes as they listen to me explain.
  • No visits to the lab yet, but we soon will...(can't wait).
  • Got the first tasks by mail -generally successful productions. Uploaded them to the wiki myself. Students know they will soon be wiki members and upload tasks themselves.
  • Early adopters have started to browse.Hmmm.
Wondering how my colleagues elsewhere were doing, I wrote this post to fetch their thoughts. What a reaction!


  • All set. Enough with planning or else no one will feel the site is theirs!
  • The school lessons coordinator welcomes the idea and even talks about it with colleagues. I explain my step-by-step adoption plan.


  • Two new challenges ahead:
-working with wikis
-planning for students I haven't even met
  • Just drawing a sketch of needs analysis from previous experience as my first wiki page.
  • I can tell you I really enjoy designing this site! Will students like it as much as I do?


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