Rubrics for Sample2

You see this advertisement in a student newspaper. You are interested in applying for the job.

Do you need a summer job?
Do you enjoy working with people?
Can you speak English?

Then you might be the person for us!
We are working for a hotel receptionist for our international hotel during the summer. Experience not essential.

If you are interested, write to the Manager saying why you think you are the right person.

Good prospects and salary

Write your letter of application in 120-180 words in an appropriate style. Do not write any postal addresses.

Source: First Certificate Expert Coursebook by Jan Bell and Roger Gower. Pearson Longman 2003.
Page 26.

Special Instructions
-Include the number of words.
-Remember that in a letter of application you must sign with your complete name. However, we must respect the privacy policy of this site.
You may invent a fictional character for signing your letter.