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Wiki Use


How to become a site member
-Click on "join" at the top of this page to create a wikispace account.
-Write a nick to log in and a password.
Remeber your nick will be your first name and first letter of your surname. This log in name will be your digital signature for any change you make as well as for every comment submitted to "discussion".
-An email will be sent to me to approve your membership. Check your inbox for my answer.

Welcome new member! Are you ready to work?


How to post your first homework assignment
-Log in
-Go to your assignments page: see the rubrics and the tag you need to use.
-Then create a page for you. How? Like this:
Duration- 1:02

-Click on "Edit This Page"
-Go to the bottom of the page and write the tags: your name, then comma and the tag of the task.
-Write or cut and paste your composition
-Click "SAVE" (avoid "Save Draft", your page will become heavier to load)

You're done! As easy as that.

Video Tutorials

Try these short video tutorials and explore:
  1. an introduction on how to edit pages
  2. how to get notifications
  3. how to upload files, videos or pics to the wiki

How to edit a wiki page and create a link
Duration- 2:19


Wiki features explained with screenshots

Will my contributions always be here?
Your work will not be deleted as long as wikispaces host it on their site. It is advisable to keep a backup copy of your work.


How to print a wiki page
Go to Manage Space, then go through the "List Pages" page, click "Print" for each page and print the pages out one by one.


When using images for your wiki pages, please remember we must have permission to use them. Here is a guide to finding free images on Flickr prepared by Anne Davis.
Finding Images for your Blog
Under the picture, or at the bottom of the page, you should write either:
  • picture attribution
  • picture credit
and the name of the author with a hyperlink to his Flickr location.


Please report them in the Questions page.

You cannot find the question you needed?
Write it! Some caring soul will answer.

-Recent pages shows the hour of our editions in this page.I was wondering how to change the time. Julie helped me out via Twitter. The default time is GMT.

Wikispaces Cheatsheet